Financial Education for Women

Back to school in a fun and collaborative way.  

A six week introduction to the core elements of your finances. 

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Create a budget and banking structure you can manage

Our first session will be run with the intention of getting financially fit.


We will address:

  • the ultimate banking structure

  • the five key spending categories

  • setting your ultimate budget

  • strategies for smarter spending 

By then end of the 1.5 hours  we will enable you to walk out with an understanding of what budgeting really is and how it can re-shape your future. You will have an almost complete budget and the tools and knowledge to finalise it later. Importantly, you will gain insight into you and/or your families spending habits, where more discipline is required and we will bring to life how this can allow you to reset achievable savings and lifestyle goals for the future.  

Homework this week: complete your budget and set some realistic goals for the future. Find your Superannuation Statements to bring next week. 

My Superannuation

Find your lost super, learn about fees and investment options and determine which super fund is suited for your needs

Our second session will be run with the intention to educate you on the key elements of your super funds including:

  • Investment - Asset classes and options

  • Fees

  • Insurance 

  • Beneficiaries 

  • Tax and Contributions 

  • Planning for Retirement and Super calculators used by the industry

  • Super consolidation 

By the end of the 1.5 hours you should walk away with a general knowledge and understanding of where your superannuation can be invested and what questions to ask your fund to determine accurate fees and performance. 

Homework this week: Investigate the current interest rate of your debt i.e. home loan, credit card, investment loan, personal loan etc.


My Debt

Learn how to manage debt

Our third session will be held with a loan specialist who will talk about debt management. Our intention will be to educate you in everything debt related including:

  • choosing the right home loan

  • home loans for buying property, 

  • offset accounts

  • investment loans

  • renovation loans

  • refinancing your existing home loan

  • commercial and business loans

We will also discuss how to consolidate your debt and manage current repayments. By the end of this week you should have a greater understanding of your debt and how to control and reduce it efficiently and effectively. 

Homework this week: Gather details (premiums, type and sums insured) of any insurance policies you may hold. i.e. House insurance, car insurance, life insurance, total and permanent disablement insurance or income protection (you may find some of your super funds have these insurance covers). 


My Insurance

Learn how to protect what really matters and ensure you get what you pay for

Our fourth session will be run with the intention of educating you on the types of insurance cover and how to transfer some of the risks of life to an insurer. We will cover the different types of insurance and how you ensure you are adequately covered i.e.


  • Home and contents 

  • Car Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Total and Permanent Disablement

  • Trauma Insurance 

  • Income Protection Insurance  

By the end of this session you should have a greater understanding of the different types of insurance cover and why you would need to implement certain types in certain circumstances. Hopefully this session will also let you review and reassess your levels of personal coverage. 

Homework this week: check your superannuation details to see if you have a binding death nomination on your super funds. Do you have a will? When was it last updated?

My Estate

Plan for the inevitable 

Our fifth session will be run with the intention to educate you on the various aspects of your estate. You will be given a document titled "guide to your estate" to prompt you as to the decisions you may wish to make in the event of your passing. You will also learn more about:

  • Wills

  • Power of Attorney 

  • Binding death nominations 

  • Executors 

  •  What forms part of your estate 



At the end of this weeks session you should have a general understanding of why you need a will and the assets that are included in your estate. 

Homework this week: gather all the previous homework and buy yourself a pretty folder for it all to be housed. Typo, Kmart or Kikki-k have lots of these folders. Next week we will focus on bringing all your financial affairs together and creating some goals for the future. 


Your Financial Coach

My name is Kirby Smith and I am a qualified financial planner with over eight years experience. I currently work for Two Mile Bay Financial Planning in Torquay. 

I studied at Deakin University and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning in 2006 . Since then, I have completed an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and participated in over 30 hours of training each year to retain my knowledge in the industry. 

Over the last few years, I have noticed more clients who lack the basic knowledge and understanding of their financial affairs.

I was asked if I would consider running evenings to educate women with the aim to improve their financial literacy in areas such as the family budget, banking structure, superannuation, debt, insurance and estate planning.

And so it begun... "Women's Financial Education" a six week introduction to core elements of your finances...

I look forward to meeting you soon


My Plan

The week where it all makes sense

Our sixth session will put all the jigsaw pieces into place for your own financial plan. We will discuss any questions you may have on the previous five weeks. 

At the end of today's session you should go home with a clearer picture of your complete financial situation and some realistic goals for you to work towards. These may include:

  • Debt consolidation

  • Building wealth to buy your first home

  • Regular investment in shares or property

  • Funding your lifestyle goals i.e. having a baby, getting married, buying a boat or a dream holiday. 

Homework this week: NONE!!


Contact Me

Please Register your Interest Below

Two Mile Bay Financial Planning

PO Box 251, Torquay VIC 3228


Ph: (03) 52 615 557

Mob: 0433 378 434

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The cost of the six week 

intensive course will be $250

Less than the cost of an hour consultation with a financial planner

Light Refreshments and Laughter provided

The total fee of $250 is to be paid upfront on registration to ensure you commit to the full six week course.  

Classes will be held after work at 6.15pm for pre-registration for a 6.30pm start. Dependent on demand more sessions may be introduced on alternate nights and during the day. Maximum of 3 people per course. 

Please register your interest below and I will be in contact closer to the start date of the program.

Third Course starts Tuesday, 13th February 2017
To be held at a venue in Torquay - To be confirmed

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