Claims Management

One of the main benefits of implementing your insurance cover with Two Mile Bay is the management of your claim to ensure it is being processed fairly and efficiently, at no charge. 

We have 43 years of experience in this area and consistently obtain the best possible results for our clients. 

When it comes to claim time, we will liaise with your claims assessor, assist you with any paperwork and doctor's appointments, lodge the required paperwork and determine if an adequate and acceptable claim payment has been made. 

Our clients do not need to have any contact with the claims department of the insurance companies! 

We also realise there are many people who are eligible to make a claim on their policy but do not have the assistance of an adviser. We will offer the same level of service to ensure their claim experience is as easy and efficient. 

The following graph illustrates the breakup of insurance claims paid to our clients in the last 6 years. 

Recent Claims processed by Two Mile Bay:


Plumber - Two Hips Replaced - Income protection claim

On claim for two years and counting - approximately $120,000 has been paid. The client will continue to receive monthly benefits until he is able to be retrained in a new occupation (at the cost of the insurer) or able to return to work.


​Civic Engineer - Heart Valve Replaced - Income Protection Claim

Client was off work for 6 weeks however met the definition of a Trauma event on his policy and was paid three times his monthly benefit - approximately $26,000.


​Manager - Kidney Cancer - Income Protection and Trauma Claim

Client was lucky enough to find the cancer before it spread. Client had barely any time off work and recovered well. Received full trauma payout of $354,000 and six times his monthly benefit on his income protection policy $46,000. ​


Administration - Pregnancy Complications - Salary Continuance (under super)

Claim Client was told to stay in bed for last five months of her pregnancy. Due to being an abnormal pregnancy, the client was paid after her 90 day waiting period for a total of two months benefit - approximately $5,000.​


Carpenter - Twisted back lifting roof racks onto car for a friend - Income Protection

Client no longer could work as a carpenter and insurance company paid to retrain him as a building inspector plus paid him a monthly benefit whilst he was retraining. Ongoing claim for the last 15 months - $35,000 paid so far.​


Computer Technician - Broken Foot Whilst Tow Surfing - Income Protection Claim

On Partial claim for two months - $2,700 paid.

Client Testimony - Mr Fasso - Plumber - On Income Protection Claim for 7 years to date.